But not, in certain someone, blotches are positioned contrary together

But not, in certain someone, blotches are positioned contrary together

The first component makes up 77

Dorsal patterns from P. lansbergii is mostly off pairs off rectangular blotches that will be generally setup alternately, at every side of the spine line. Color trend and the entire body tone are different some among anybody (Fig. 3), but not clear variations in color had been observed certainly folks from east, main, otherwise western Panama. 09, p = 0.76), or certainly regions (F2,twenty-two = 0.96, p = 0.39). Intersupraoculars, canthals, while the level of dorsal measure rows presented a low version within our P. lansbergii test.

An excellent PCA did over meristic characters enjoy limited discrimination among certain hog-nosed gap-viper species (Fig. 4A). 9% of the variance and you may mostly differentiated about three groups: P. ophryomegas, P. nasutum/P. porrasi, and P. lansbergii/P. volcanicum . That it part is actually correlated that have ventral size number (roentgen = 0.92), and less firmly which have quantity of subcaudals (r = 0.24), together with quantity of blotches (r = 0.28). Another role are accounts for fifteen.9% of the type in fact it is primarily told me because of the level of blotches (roentgen = 0.91), separating P. lansbergii from other varieties. Zero discrimination anywhere between P nasutum and you can P. porrasi

is actually you can from this study put; and you can P. volcanicum shares attributes that have P. ophrymegas and P. lansbergii (Fig. 4A). All of our PCA outcomes for P. lansbergii off Panama (Fig. 4B) accounted for 77% of one’s total variance on the first couple of section, recommending a relatively large morphological overlapping certainly one of specimens about around three regions learned.

Our phylogenetic analyses retrieved a partial phylogeny away from Porthidium that is in keeping with early in the day reconstructions out of hog-nosed gap-viper phylogenies (Fig. 5). Temporarily, an earlier divergence provides two fundamental groups, that and additionally P. dunni and you will P. ophryomegas , additionally the most other boasts P. yucatanicum given that sister taxon out of good clade including P. nasutum/P. porrasi and you may P. lansbergii . Next, P. lansbergii comprises a monophyletic class complete with each other western, central and eastern Panama specimens, and also the personal regarding Venezuela. For this reason, the newest secretive west Panama specimens was defined as members of which varieties.


Campbell and you may La) provided several suggestions away from P. lansbergii during the Panama as part of the claim that it actually was restricted to the latest main and you will eastern half the world. Ray and you may Knight (2013) considered the newest shipment from P. lansbergii about Pacific slope from Panama, but localities or info just weren’t provided. Our very own extensive literary works search retrieved details, excluded inside the earlier in the day product reviews, from the varieties regarding west Pacific hill off Panama. As an instance, Dunn (1949) said specimens called Bothrops (= Porthidium ) lansbergii built-up for the localities within the Cocle-Herrera part. Has just, this new varieties are said because of the ) when you look at the ‘Este Montuoso’ Forest Set-aside from the Herrera province by Monteza-Moreno, C. M. (pers. obs., 2017) regarding the area out of Mariato, Veraguas State. Additionally, art gallery information and you may the fresh series away from

people reveal that which variety are now living in throughout the provinces out-of Chiriqui and Veraguas. The latest shipment of one’s affordable P. lansbergii in All the way down Main America extends to brand new west Pacific from Panama (Fig. 1). Hence, since our details rest close to the edging out of Costa Rica, the fresh new varieties might can be found here.

What number of body blotches varied from 15 so you’re able to 34 (Table dos), but no distinctions had been found in it varying between men and women (F1,twenty-two = 0

Despite putative variations in coloration designs, we can not distinguish secretive folks from those recognized as P. lansbergii regarding central and you will eastern Panama based in scutellation. As well, the phylogenetic data obviously helps the latest monophyly out of P. lansbergii from Panama, and does not provide any evidence to your lifetime out of several lineages in affordable kinds in this country. But not, our very own dataset does not include specimens from the entire distribution range off P. lansbergii and fact that this new species shifts the delivery out-of the brand new Pacific hills when you look at the Panama towards Atlantic in Colombia upwards in order to Venezuela try interesting and deserves subsequent scrutiny.